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OAs are indicated for (1) patients with mild-to-moderate OSA who prefer oral appliances to CPAP devices, (2) patients with mild-to-moderate OSA who do not respond to CPAP therapy, and (3) patients with mild-to-moderate OSA in whom treatment attempts with CPAP devices fail.

They should not be considered effective therapy for patients with severe OSA.

Although accomplishing and maintaining weight reduction are difficult, the results are extremely beneficial when patients can do so.

Its purpose is to involve students in the community so they gain a deeper understanding for the needs of others and become part of a caring society.Students acquire leadership skills, build self-confidence, develop independence, and feel a sense of personal satisfaction by participating in the events/activities offered.There are three ways to volunteer through our program.The cords are worn at the June commencement ceremony their senior year.Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) should be diagnosed and treated promptly.

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    It asks two basic questions: what is the probability that a particular information security event will occur in the future?

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    While examining Weiner's laptop, investigators stumbled over new emails from Hillary Clinton's private server – prompting FBI Director James Comey to reopen the Clinton email investigation just days before the election.

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    We’re never strait-laced unless it comes to privacy and authentication.

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