Hearing impared dating

Please don’t make assumptions that deaf people don’t do things. Some people love sports, some love travelling but the important thing to remember the fact that we all are unique.I can assure you that as a “romantic” partner would be fun but could also offer you the best experiences of your life, with ongoing discovery and adventure that is waiting for you.

I have sat through many of my dates and can count on one hand when it has been awkward.MYTH 4 Well, well, we need to have that “TALK” This is the most common myth, and I can assure you we do fornicate like you do!We have our own brains and bodies but the only thing that doesn’t work is our ears.I prepare guys before the date so they know what they are expecting. FACT Please don’t view deaf people very different from you.One in 6 people have hearing loss in the United Kingdom (approximately 11 million people with hearing loss at current date but is expected to rise to 14 million in 2031).

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