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She reported on the amount of the national team qualifier money given to the rodeo contestants and reminded everyone that calendar sales also fund the whole organization, not just the national team and prizes.New ideas were given to Donna on how to further promote the sales.All other seated Directors, Committee members and Student Officers are present.The minutes of the State Finals Director’s meeting were presented by Secretary Ann Sundermann and there was a motion by Barry Knippling second by Todd Bach to dispense with the reading of those minutes. The financial report was presented by Secretary Ann Sundermann and she asked for any questions on the report.Donna was asked to implement these items to help promote the calendar sales.The 2018 calendars are here and will be distributed today to begin the sales.

There was a motion by Deb Mc Pherson second by Barry Knippling to accept the State Finals report as presented. Calendar sales was the next item on the agenda and was reported on by Calendar Chairperson Donna Curr.He also handed out a financial statement to the Board.He reported the host committee would like to switch motels for the Directors rooms to decrease the cost of the motel rooms.Taylor Fox asked for a script that can be given to the kids when selling calendars.She is a teacher and reported that not all kids are salesman, and a script would help those that have more of a difficult time selling something.

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