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Up until WWII, Jews flocked to the port city from Poland, Russia, Germany and the Middle East due to its wealth and trading opportunities.As was often the case in Jewish history, Jews were predominantly involved in mercantile businesses because of limitations imposed upon then by their home countries, and working in trade allowed them to prosper without settling down.

Stop by our cash bar and enjoy a glass of Merlot while you make your rounds and hobnob with black single professionals.Connect with your mutual matches and make that perfect connection.Don't worry, we won't disclose your email address or personal information. The fun will begin at , so be sure to arrive early to gain the maximum benefit from this exclusive event.Despite the presence of German officers in Kobe, the Chief of Police of Kobe assured Sassoon of the community’s safety and he was ordered to restore the lettering.The largest single group to benefit from Sugihara’s effort was the Lithuanian Mirrer Yeshiva, the only European institute of Talmudic learning that survived the Holocaust.

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