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But the study by BMG Research also indicates Labour still has work to do, with a larger proportion of people yet to believe the party is a “government in waiting”.Many voters also do not think Mr Corbyn’s relative success at the ballot box has earned him the right to change Labour’s internal rules on leadership contests and candidate selection.Our hotline mailing lists allow you to market to prospects with major life event changes.

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Asked whether the election meant he should be able to change leadership contest rules – set to be a key battleground for rival wings at this year’s conference – only 24 per cent said it did, whereas 44 per cent said it did not and 32 per cent did not know.Asked “do you see the Labour Party as a government in waiting”, 44 per cent of people said no, while 33 per cent of people said they did and 24 per cent said they did not know.There were also questions over what Mr Corbyn’s success at the ballot box, which saw him defy predictions to increase Labour’s number of Commons seats, earned him the right to do.Sensing shifting public mood on the issue, ministers including Chancellor Philip Hammond have said the current system of fees needs reviewing.Nationalising the railways also received majority support, with 55 per cent of the public saying they backed it either “strongly” or “somewhat”, while nationalising utilities “such as water and electricity” won the approval of 57 per cent in the weighted poll.

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