Sls hookup sex dating game questions for kids

It sometimes depends on what city you live in, but generally speaking, the men and couples are real, but 99% of the women's ads are just spam, so don't even bother replying to them.

And if you do post an ad, don't use your main email address because you're likely to get hit with a bunch of spam that way as well.

If there's lots of turnover, either it doesn't work, or they're not surviving the first hookup.

You might want to keep an eye on the ads for a few weeks before you post.

You may have a higher rate of success on a site like From what I've heard of people responding to them, results ranged from "mediocre," to "dumpster fire." From the other side, a friend actually found someone we knew posting an ad for a 3rd one night, but actually had to abort soon after because family came into town.

So all in all, I'm not sure I've heard anyone really being overly satisfied by the arrangement.

what surprises me is an hotel owner call the cops in the first place ..knowing people in the hotel biz usually what happens is they charge them more and then keep the difference most of the time its the clerks ripping everyone off......The spam is always obvious, so you have to delete some spam.I don't think I ever accidentally struck up a conversation with a whore, as they are quite clear about being sex workers.It works great if your goal is to have anonymous sex with strangers.I agree that as a straight man you're much better off posting an ad than responding to women's ads.

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