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If you know what you want, and are looking to hookup with someone for the long-haul, e Harmony is your place. e Harmony: Dating site comparison Hopefully this gives you some good information to help you make your decision.We'd love to hear about your experiences with either of these two sites here - please drop your thoughts in the comments box.The other sites just don’t do it, or don’t do it nearly as well.In research from 2012, married couples who’d met online were happier than those who met any other way; and those who met on e Harmony were happiest of all, and less than half as likely to divorce as couples who’d gotten together at other online venues.I wish you all—you, Fred, his kids, and his future wife—every happiness. She also contributes at Psychology Today and teaches psychology at Austin-area universities. Cheers, Duana The author wishes to acknowledge the following scientists and sources: Tara Mac Donald and Mike Ross, for their work on parents’, roommates’, and students’ abilities to predict the length of students’ dating relationships. Not only has every e Harmony member I’ve known (or been) concluded that there are many more women than men available at the site—but evolutionary psychology would predict that very thing.It’s a marriage-oriented site whose model actively attempts the elimination of players, right?

So although the e Harmony website used to claim “roughly equal” numbers of men and women members, and a company spokesperson admitted, under regrettable pressure from one Love Scientist, to a “slight female skew” in the membership (while refusing to divulge specifics)—I don’t believe it for one hot minute.(They also reject Basically Gay/Lesbian Human Beings on-site, an issue e Harmony finally resolved at Compatible, which uses e Harmony’s questionnaire, matching criteria, and emphasis on serious long-term relationships—enabling commitment-and-monogamy-minded LGTBQ men and women to skip hookup sites.It took a lawsuit, but e Harmony now does for everyone what it once only did for straights.) 3.I’d love to see him and the kids happy and settled with a good woman in their lives, so I suggested letting me screen women’s profiles online, and then babysitting while he meets the best of the best in person. Is screening possible mates something only he can do? And although they were roundly decried as crazy, as of their 10compared to cultural Do It Yourself norms.Not only are people in arranged marriages in Jaipur, India, happier five and 10 years later than those who married for love—but Western-world Friends & Family are often superior judges of our relationship’s prospects, too. Yes, people called Dave Weinlick insane, attention-seeking, and worse; still, he was besieged by 300 eager would-be brides.

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    Yes, as with many things e Harmony, the algorithm used to create matches is secret.

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